What Is Dead Set Ink?

Dead Set Ink is a custom tattoo and piercing studio offering our clients a comfortable place to hang out and get amazing Ink from professional tattoo and piercing artists! We offer award winning artists who strive to only offer the best custom artwork.

Each piece of art we produce is custom and not pulled from a flash sheet. Our piercing artist Alex is the best in the industry, he takes his time with clients making sure every piercing is clean and to the satisfaction of the client. We also offer custom jewelry and if Alex doesn’t have what you’re looking for he can order that custom piece you have always wanted. It’s our dream to offer you a studio where the artistic value of tattoo’s and piercings are showcased in a positive environment for our artists and clients.

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SPONSORED BY : Hardlife Rotaries Proteam, Peak Needles, Recovery Aftercare, and EzGrip Needles

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